AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am: 25 Years

For the past 25 years, AT&T has been a proud sponsor of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, and as we approach the 2010 tournament, we're taking a little time to look back and enjoy some of the people, pars, and philanthropy that the events have brought together over the years.

Winner: Arron Oberholser-271
Celebrity Attendance: Clay Walker, Carson Daly, Samuel L. Jackson,William Devane, Chris Berman
Money Raised For Charity: $5,000,000

The 2006 event was a truly amazing one for the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. Not only did the supporters raise more than $5.5 million, but the generous contributions pushed the total funds raised from the tournament to more than $60 million - just in time for the tournament's 60th anniversary.

A whole crowd of celebrities participated in the 2006 Pro-Am to celebrate this impressive feat. Everyone from Timberlake to Trump was in attendance, showing off their top golf skills in the 3M Celebrity Challenge, each hoping to take the top prize of $9,500 to their charity of choice. After a day of heckling and teasing his competitors, just as he did more than a decade ago on the same turf, funny-man Bill Murray was able to defend his reigning title, winning the event with Andy Garcia. As for the pros, area native Arron Oberholser finally got his redemption after narrowly losing the tournament two years prior. Oberholser came in strong from the first hole, going on to mark the AT&T as his first win on the PGA tour. The win was particularly special to him, since his mother, brother and several other family members and friends from his nearby hometown were in tow to experience the victory alongside him.

Even more incredible was the year had by the Monterey Peninsula Foundation. This year marked 60 years of charitable giving with 60 million total dollars raised since the tournament came to the Monterey Peninsula in 1947. Throughout the years Monterey Peninsula Foundation has focused on awarding grants to programs that benefit youth, education, health and human services, community and environment, as well as arts and culture.

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