Adult Programming - $15/month

  • Playboy TV

    Playboy TV ch-952 & 3952

    If you like COMPLETELY UNCENSORED reality shows, there's only one place to go. Check out SWING, where monogamous couples spend two days in a house with experienced swingers, no rules and unlimited possibilities. Or watch BADASS, where adventurous girls take extreme sports to the next level.

  • Playboy TV en Español

    Playboy TV en Español ch-954 & 3954

    Playboy TV en Español es la única cadena de televisión diseñado para el público adulto Latino. Con una mezcla sensual de la serie española lenguaje, telenovelas sexy, espectáculos de variedades y películas latino americanas originales, ofrece una experiencia visual erótica ideal para los hispanos.

  • Playboy TV HD

    Playboy TV HD ch-953 & 3953

    This is why HD was invented! Light up your senses with sexy moments so clear you’ll lose yourself in the action. Experience uncensored reality, explosive action and the Playmate perfection that only Playboy TV HD can deliver! Subscribe now and get your first month of Playboy TV for FREE!

Adult On Demand

  • The Erotic Networks On Demand

    $10 (4-hour rental)

    The Erotic Networks On Demand is uniquely positioned to deliver the best variety of top name stars, fresh new faces, and cutting edge content to satisfy all the major niches in adult.

  • Heat On Demand

    $10 (4-hour rental)

    Heat On Demand is a new and unique multi-language adult VOD service delivering entertainment created by the most successful studios, producers and directors in the world.

  • Hustler TV

    $10 (4-hour rental)

    Hustler TV serves up the hottest and most popular adult films in release, from exclusive top studios like Hustler Video, Evil Angel, Digital Sin, Zero Tolerance and many, many more!

  • Sizzling Sex On Demand

    $10 (4-hour rental)

    Sizzling Sex is the only service that uses the BEST new studio scenes to create unique and powerful programming. Sizzling Sex also focuses on scorching NEW female performers.

  • Spice On Demand

    $10 (4-hour rental) $12 for HD

    Spice On Demand offers consumers a tailor-made ticket into today's most popular star-driven, urban and amateur adult entertainment.

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