• HBO®

    Includes up to 28 channels of award-winning original movies, specials, sports and series, plus FREE HBO On Demand®!

  • Cinemax®

    Includes up to 24 channels of Exclusive Hollywood premieres, Top Box Office Releases, plus FREE Cinemax On Demand®!


    Experience superior entertainment with bold original series, hit movies, knockout championship boxing, and mixed martial arts. The SHOWTIME UNLIMITED® package offers 17 channels, with 12 in HD.

  • STARZ®

    Includes up to 14 distinct movie channels featuring over 700 different new hit movies each month, plus FREE STARZ® ON DEMAND!


    Includes up to 10 themed movie channels featuring the greatest selection of movies, plus FREE ENCORE® ON DEMAND!

  • The Movie Package

    Includes up to 53 channels, a combination of your favorite TV packages - STARZ®, ENCORE®, SHOWTIME®, TMC™ and FLIX®!

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