How to Order Pay Per View

How to Order Pay-Per-View


Press GUIDE on your remote control.


Go to Pay-Per-View Channel 102 for Standard Definition or Channel 1102 for High Definition. Select the program you wish to order and press OK.


A program information screen will appear with the event time and pricing. Press OK to rent. If Parental Locks are set, enter your PIN. You will be asked to confirm your order. Press OK.


Press EXIT to return to live TV and the channel you were watching. Tune into the event’s channel at the scheduled start time.


Tune to AT&T U-verse Front Row on Ch. 100 to find out what’s coming up on Pay Per View this month

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  1. 1
    Press Go Interactive on your TV remote
  2. 2
    Select All Apps
    on your TV
  3. 3
    Select TV Notes
  1. 4
    Select Manage
  2. 5
    Select TV Options
  3. 6
    Select Opt In