How to use Parental Locking

While there are plenty of family friendly programs available to you on your AT&T U-verse TV, there may be some television and On Demand programming you don’t want your children to have access to.

U-verse puts you in charge of who watches what. You can block live shows, recorded programs, and videos. You can even set limits on who can order and watch on demand videos, as well as lock the ability to add programming upgrades with Account Manager.

The Parental Locking feature makes it easy to restrict access to specific channels or types of programming, but allows you the flexibility to make exceptions when you want to temporarily unlock this feature.
Just press MENU on your remote control and use your right arrow button to go to OPTIONS, then select CHANNEL OPTIONS and press the OK button. You’ll need to use your down arrow button to move to PARENTAL LOCKING SELECT and press OK. Now you’ll need to set up a PIN number.

If you see a lock on the Parental Locking menu screen, a PIN number has already been set and the parental locking feature is in effect. An opened lock means that the PIN number has been set but the system is currently unlocked.

To choose a four-digit PIN, use the number keys on your remote control. You will need to enter your PIN a second time to confirm it. If you have already selected a PIN, simply enter the numbers.

After you enter your PIN, the Parental Locking Settings screen will be displayed. From this menu, you can lock Rental programs, block selected channels or block by Movie or TV rating. To prevent unauthorized viewing of certain channels, highlight Channels and press OK. You’ll then be able to check or uncheck channels you want to lock by adding the lock symbol. Press OK to check or un-check each channel. From this screen you can also unlock all the channels or allow only the unlocked channels to be viewed. Select SAVE and press OK to save your settings.

And if you aren’t sure what shows you should be preventing access to, try using Movie Ratings with MPAA ratings, and TV Ratings, to block programs with television parental guidelines. To block by Rating, choose the ratings you’d like to set, like Movie Ratings, and select CHANGE and press OK. You’ll see a list of ratings. Select the rating you want to block, and press OK. A lock icon will appear next to that rating, as well as all of the higher ratings. You can also lock out unrated programs or movies by using your down arrow or Channel/Page buttons to scroll down to the Unrated Content parental control settings. Press OK and the Lock Unrated Content Settings screen appears. Use the right arrow to select LOCK unrated programming and press OK until a lock symbol appears in the check box. Press SAVE to save your setting. To exit Parental Locking press MENU, GUIDE or EXIT on your remote.

Note that Parental Locking setting applies on a receiver by receiver basis. This is not a global setting that applies to all receivers within the household.

You can also lock out purchases of Pay Per View and On Demand programming and Account Manager Programming upgrades in the same way from the OPTIONS MENU. Again, select CHANNEL OPTIONS, press OK then select PARENTAL LOCKING and you’ll see a Rentals option. You may have to create a PIN number if you haven’t done this already. Then you can lock out all rental programming.

After completing the process of setting the Parental Locking feature, your PIN number must be used to unblock channels or change these settings.

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